The Research of Industrial Application through Digitalization of the Jewelry of Imperial Princess YEONG

영친왕비(英親王妃) 수식(首飾) 장신구(裝身具)의 디지털화를 통한 산업적 활용 연구

  • 정아영 (국민대학교 테크노디자인대학원 금속/주얼리디자인랩)
  • Received : 2011.02.15
  • Accepted : 2011.04.15
  • Published : 2011.04.28


Historically, Korea has made and weaved beautiful jewelry based on delicate metal craft technique. Especially jewelries in Chosun dynasty among these jewelry shows practicality, fanciness and social symbolism at the same time, which is one of representative cultural origins to express characteristics of Korean culture. Since jewelry of imperial princess YEONG, an object of a study herein, was made for a court ceremony although it is an artifact of the end of Chosun dynasty after the time of enlightenment, it is expected be made based on traditional shape and standard in accordance with strictly respected court dress code in Chosun dynasty. It is also an important data of research for a court style and system as well as its artistry in its diversity of type, preservation condition similar to original form and its producers who are master craftsman parted in Sang-Uiwon (an institute in charge of dress and accessaries of court) at the end of dynasty. Thus, a study herein aims to research formatively valuable 11 selected jewelries among jewelries of imperial princess YEONG used at the end of Chosun dynasty, and search for industrial application method with digitalization of the shape and design and preservation of original form of traditional culture. Moreover, in accordance with proposing design data through review of traditional women jewelry, it aims to suggest possibility of application into modern jewelry design and cultural industry.


Imperial Princess YEONG;Jewelry


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