Synthesis and Evaluation of Thermo-stable Organic Solderability Preservatives Based Upon Poly(vinyl pyridine-co-methylmethacrylate)

폴리(비닐피리딘-co-메틸메타아크릴레이트) 기반 열안정성 유기솔더보존제의 합성 및 평가

  • Published : 2011.04.30


Recent popularity in mobile electronics requires higher standard on the mechanical strength of electronic packaging. Thus, the method of soldering between chip and substrate in electronic packaging process is changing from conventional method using intermetallic compound to a new method using organic solderability preservatives (OSP) in order to improve the stability and the reliability of final product. Since current OSPs have several serious problems like thermo-stability during packaging process, however, it is necessary to develop new OSPs having thermo-stability. The main purpose of this study is to develop various thermo-stable OSPs based upon poly(vinyl pyridine-co- methylmethacrylate) and to evaluate their anti-oxidation property protecting Cu pad, thermo-stability and solubility to acid- or alcohol-containing aqueous solution during pos-fluxing. All OSPs showed not only good anti-oxidation property, thermo-stability and solubility but also more advantages like low cost, less odor, and less hygroscopic.


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