Synthesis and property analysis of hydropolysilanes for amorphous and polycrystalline silicon

무정형 또는 다결정성 규소를 위한 하이드로폴리실란의 합성과 물성 분석

  • Received : 2011.03.25
  • Accepted : 2011.03.28
  • Published : 2011.04.25


Syntheses and property analysis of hydropolysilanes were studied. Those hydropolysilanes can be utilized as precursors for amorphous silicon and polycrystallline silicon for the purpose of the solar cell and the thin film transister for the next generation's semiconductors. Most important characteristics of this study are to find optimized conditions for the synthesis and property analysis of soluble hydropolysilanes. Also the possibility of pyrolytic conversion to amorphous and polycrystalline silicon was investigated.


chloropolysilanes (CPS);hydropolysilanes (HPS);property analysis of hydropolysilanes;amorphous silicon (a-Si);polycrystalline silicon (p-Si)


Supported by : 한남대학교


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