A Study on Car Ownership Forecasting Model using Category Analysis at High Density Mixed Use District in Subway Area



Kim, Tae-Gyun;Byun, Wan-Hee;Lee, Young-Hoon

  • 투고 : 2011.06.07
  • 심사 : 2011.07.18
  • 발행 : 2011.07.30


The Seoul Metropolitan Government is striving to minimize the amount of traffic according to the supply of apartment houses along with the solution of housing shortage for the low income people through high density development near the subway area. Therefore, a stronger policy is necessary to control the traffic of the passenger cars in a subway area for the successful high density development focusing on public transportation, and especially, the estimation of the demand of cars with high reliability is necessary to control the demand of parking such as the limited supply of parking lot. Accordingly, this study developed car ownership forecasting model using Look-up Table among category analyses which are easy to be applied and have high reliability. The estimation method using Look-up-Table is possible to be applied to both measurable and immeasurable types, easy to accumulate data, and features the flexible responding depending on the changes of conditions. This study established Look-up-Table model through the survey of geographical location, the scale of housing, the accessible distance to a subway station and to a bus station, the number of bus routes, and the number of car owned with data regarding 242 blocks in Seoul City as subjects.


Subway area;High density mixed use development;Parking demand management;Category analysis;Look-up table;Car-ownership Forecasting model


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