A Case Study of Animation Plagiarism through the Case of Music Video "Sonata of Temptation"

뮤직비디오 『유혹의 소나타』사건을 통해 본 애니메이션 표절 사례 분석

  • Received : 2011.03.14
  • Accepted : 2011.05.31
  • Published : 2011.06.28


As the cinematographic works are familiar to us, the infringement of the cinematographic works is also increasing. Because we are always able to be closely accessible to the cinematographic works through the Internet, this phenomenon easily occurs across the genre of the cinematographic works or the borders. The case is typical that the Music Video "Sonata of Temptation" infringes the copyrights of the Japanese Animation "Final Fantasy 7". When the two works are compared and analyzed, a considerable portion of similarity is found; we can even express that no new scene is exist except it that the singer sings in the Music Video "Sonata of Temptation". Because this situation is not only a dishonor to the indivisual but also a great loss to the nation, we should thoroughly prepare not to infringe others' copyright even unconsciously.


Cinematographic Work;Plagiarism;International Copyright Dispute


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