Seasonal and Spatial Variations of CO2 Fluxes Between Surface and Atmosphere in Foreshore, Paddy Field and Woods Sites

갯벌, 논 및 산림 부지에서 지표와 대기 사이의 이산화탄소 플럭스 계절/공간 변동 분석

Kang, Dong-Hwan;Kwon, Byung-Hyuk;Yu, Hun-Sun;Kim, Park-Sa;Kim, Kwang-Ho

  • Received : 2011.02.25
  • Accepted : 2011.06.20
  • Published : 2011.08.31


For this research, they were monitored $CO_2$ flux and environmental factors ($CO_2$ concentration, soil temperature, soil moisture, soil organic carbon, soil pH, soil Eh) in foreshore, paddy field and woods sites at the winter season (January 2009) and the summer season (September 2009). Seasonal and spatial variations for monitored data were analyzed, and linear regression functions of $CO_2$ flux as environmental factors were estimated. $CO_2$ fluxes averaged between surface and atmosphere monitored in foreshore and paddy field at the winter season were shown $-8\;mgCO_2m^{-2}hr^{-1}$ and $-25\;mgCO_2m^{-2}hr^{-1}$, respectively. $CO_2$ fluxes averaged between surface and atmosphere monitored in foreshore and paddy field at the summer season were shown $47\;mgCO_2m^{-2}hr^{-1}$ and $117\;mgCO_2m^{-2}hr^{-1}$, respectively. Thus, $CO_2$ was sunk from atmosphere to surface at the winter season and it was emitted from surface to atmosphere at the summer season. $CO_2$ fluxes in woods site were emitted $145\;mgCO_2m^{-2}hr^{-1}$ at the winter season and $279\;mgCO_2m^{-2}hr^{-1}$ at the summer season.


$CO_2$ flux;Environmental factors;Foreshore;Paddy field;Woods


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