강우시 포도밭에 대한 초기세척효과 분석

Yoon, Young-Sam;Kwon, Hun-Gak;Lee, Jae-Woon;Yu, Jay-Jung;Lee, Jae-Kwan

  • 투고 : 2011.04.07
  • 심사 : 2011.07.04
  • 발행 : 2011.08.31


This study analyzed the characteristics of stormwater runoff in the orchard areas and quantitatively estimated effluence of nonpoint source pollutants for the volume of runoff. Two target areas under vine cultivation were each $2,000m^2$ and $1,800m^2$, located in Gyeongju City. Since grape was the only crop on the target area, the characteristics of stormwater runoff at vineyard could be evaluated independently. A total of 51 rainfall events in the vineyard area during two years(2008-2009) was surveyed, and 19 of them became stormwater runoff, with rainfall ranging 16.5 - 79.7 mm and antecedent dry period of 1-13 days. The pollutant runoff loads by volume of stormwater runoff showed BOD ranging 19.5 - 45.3% in 30% of runoff volume. The average pollution discharge rate was 32.4%, indicating small first flush effect of BOD. The range of SS concentrations was 5 - 52.0% in 10% of runoff volume, showing the average 28.7% of discharge rate, about 3 times more than rainfall effluent. TOC and TN appeared to be similar to the results of BOD, the average discharge rate of 30.9% and 30.6% for TOC and TN, respectively, for 30% of stormwater runoff volume. Average discharge rate of COD and TP in the same runoff volume was 35.1% and 36%, respectively, showing comparatively high discharge ratio. As the targeted vineyard area was permeable land, the pollution load ratio against rainfall-runoff volume appeared to be 1:1, implying no strong first flush effect for all the survey items.


EMCs;First Flush Effect;MFFn;Vineyard area


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