Comparative Assessment of Usability of Web-storming System between Administrator and Designer Groups in Space Design Process

공간디자인 프로세스에서 관리자·실무자 그룹의 웹스토밍 시스템 활용성 비교평가

  • 최길동 (경남과학기술대학교 인테리어재료공학과) ;
  • 김광명 (서울과학기술대학교 공업디자인학과)
  • Received : 2011.07.29
  • Accepted : 2011.09.06
  • Published : 2011.09.28


Considering the online idea generation, or web-storming, system would be used differently by space designers depending on their job characteristics, the present study tested the usability of web-storming using a factor correlation table with a designer group in the field. Then, for analyses, the results were compared with the previous findings on the usability of web-storming in a design administrator group to suggest comprehensive measures applicable to web-storming. The questionnaire results were analysed following a process of observation-interpretation-application, and the space design process and web-storming function factors were also analysed based on a factor correlation table. The analyses found that the most correlated space design process in both administrator and designer groups was the schematic design phase, and that the correlation started to lower upon division of labour. The assessment phase was found significantly different between the designer group and the administrator group. The assessment phase showed the second highest correlation in the designer group. In terms of the aspects related to project operation, the correlation was found higher in the designer group. Based on the findings, new applicable measures to each phase of web-storming were derived and summed up to suggest how to take advantage of web-storming in the field.


Space Design;Job Characteristics in Space Design;Factor Correlation Table(Interaction Matrix);Idea Generation;Online Idea Generation System;Webstorming


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