Mutual Inductance Calculation and Analysis between Two Circular Coils of Perpendicular Arrangement

수직 배열된 원형 코일 사이의 상호 인덕턴스 계산 및 해석

  • Published : 2011.10.31


In this paper, calculation method of mutual inductance for two circular coils which are widely used in wireless power transfer system and analysis results using the method are proposed. Two circular coils are arranged in a perpendicular way. For calculation of the mutual inductance, an Rx coil placed perpendicularly with the other coil is uniformly subdivided into many unit cells and both magnetic flux density linked with the Rx coil at each unit cell and the total magnetic flux density of the Rx coil are obtained. Two circular coils are considered as a filamentary coil and uniform current density on each coil is assumed. For verification, helical and spiral coils are fabricated. As a result of measurement in 50 cm to 100 cm distance, theoretical mutual inductance is almost agreed with measured one.


Circular Coil;Mutual Inductance;Perpendicular Arrangement;Wireless Power Transfer


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