Study on swelling of starch granules using gravitational field-flow fractionation (GrFFF)

중력 장-흐름 분획법을 이용한 전분 입자의 swelling에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2011.06.28
  • Accepted : 2011.07.08
  • Published : 2011.08.25


Swelling of starch granules by water-sorption causes a progressive or sometimes abrupt change in sorption behavior as a result of structural alterations and the possible exposure of new sites with high affinity for water. It is thus of interest to examine the time-dependent change in the size or shape of the starch granules. Gravitational field-flow fractionation (GrFFF) utilizes the earth's gravity as the external field, and is useful for separation of micron-sized particles with larger particles eluting earlier than smaller ones. In this study, GrFFF was used to monitor the swelling of two starch granules, potato starch and sweet potato starch during contact time of 11-12 days at room temperature in water. Results from GrFFF were compared with those obtained from optical microscope (OM). For both starch granules, the mean sizes were increased with time spent in water.


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