Professional Engineer Yard - The construction example of deep cement mixing method for the soil improvement of soft ground in sports center structure foundation work around the mouth of Nakdong River

기술사 마당 - 낙동강(洛東江)주변의 체육센터시설물기초 연약지반(軟弱地盤)처리를 위한 DCMM 시공사례

  • 조규영 ((주)상지엔지니어링건축사무소) ;
  • 김진억 ((주)상지엔지니어링건축사무소) ;
  • 정병찬 (성지건설주식회사)
  • Published : 2011.11.02


As the Deep Cement Mixing Method is composed of drilled natural soft soil structure and injected cement slurry to be mix together in it, the nature of excavated ground is influenced directly to the application of constructability. Also the nature of in situ soil is the main material, the mix design and construction work plan should be established before the investigation of soil which is performed through the whole site confirm the soil parameter before construction. The nature of investigated soil and water level as should be performed accurately.