Study of 7 Degree of Freedom Desktop Master Arm

7자유도 탁상식 마스터 암의 설계 연구

  • Received : 2012.05.04
  • Accepted : 2012.12.11
  • Published : 2012.12.31


In this research, a novel mater arm was studied as a teaching device for an underwater revolute robot arm used as a slave arm. The master arm was designed to be a seven-degree-of-freedom (DOF) structure, with a structure similar to that of the slave arm, and to be desktop size to allow it to be worn on a human arm. The master arm with encoders on the joints was used as an input device for teaching a slave robot arm. In addition, small electric magnets were installed at the joints of the master arm to generate the haptic force. A control system was designed to sense excessive force and torque in the joints of the master arm and protect it by controlling the position and velocity of the slave arm through the encoder signal of the master arm.


Master arm;Crabster robot;Force-feedback;Electromagnet


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