A Study on the Interpretation of Modern Urban Structure and Urban Landscape of Iri(Iksan) in Connection with Railway

철도시설과 연계한 이리 도시구조와 도시경관의 근대성 해석

  • 이경찬 (원광대학교 도시공학과)
  • Received : 2012.10.15
  • Accepted : 2012.12.23
  • Published : 2012.12.31


Modern railway construction by Japanese had a great influence on the urbanization, transformation of urban structure and landscape during the Japanese imperialism and compressive increasing period in Iri(Iksan). This paper aims to find out the effect of railway on the modern urban structure and urban landscape in Iri(Iksan). Railways in Iri, Honam railway, Kunsan railway, Jeonla railway have been constructed progressively during 1911 and 1915 with Iri and old Iri(east-Iri) station. From the analysis of land registration maps and street plans, old photographies and historical records, some significant features underling railway construction can be followed in view of modern urbanization process in Iri. Firstly railways cut off the possibility of developing urban structure based on traditional spatial structure of Iksan. Secondly railways made dual spatial structure in Iri. Japanese and Korean life zone were divided into separate district around urbanization area and market place. Thirdly traditional space cognition system based on four cardinal directions were changed to front and rear space of railway station. Fourthly railways and stations caused neo-baroque spatial order and imperialistic urban landscape of Iri with axis, vista and gridiron plan. Fifthly break points and fringe belts garbling modern urbanization process are created. Sixthly modern cultural and consumptive urban spaces were taken their seats in relation with daily urban life.


Supported by : 원광대학교


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