• Singha, Boorapa (Department of Mathematics Chiang Mai University) ;
  • Sanwong, Jintana (Department of Mathematics Chiang Mai University, Material Science Research Center Faculty of Science Chiang Mai University) ;
  • Sullivan, Robert Patrick (School of Mathematics & Statistics University of Western Australia)
  • Received : 2010.08.11
  • Published : 2012.01.31


In 2003, Marques-Smith and Sullivan described the join ${\Omega}$ of the 'natural order' $\leq$ and the 'containment order' $\subseteq$ on P(X), the semigroup under composition of all partial transformations of a set X. And, in 2004, Pinto and Sullivan described all automorphisms of PS(q), the partial Baer-Levi semigroup consisting of all injective ${\alpha}{\in}P(X)$ such that ${\mid}X{\backslash}X{\alpha}\mid=q$, where $N_0{\leq}q{\leq}{\mid}X{\mid}$. In this paper, we describe the group of automorphisms of R(q), the largest regular subsemigroup of PS(q). In 2010, we studied some properties of $\leq$ and $\subseteq$ on PS(q). Here, we characterize the meet and join under those orders for elements of R(q) and PS(q). In addition, since $\leq$ does not equal ${\Omega}$ on I(X), the symmetric inverse semigroup on X, we formulate an algebraic version of ${\Omega}$ on arbitrary inverse semigroups and discuss some of its properties in an algebraic setting.


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