The Structural Design of Tianjin Goldin Finance 117 Tower

  • Published : 2012.12.31


Tianjin Goldin Finance 117 tower has an architectural height of 597 m, total of 117 stories, and the coronation of having the highest structural roof of all the buildings under construction in China. Structural height-width ratio is approximately 9.5, exceeding the existing regulation code significantly. In order to satisfy earthquake and wind-resisting requirements, a structure consisting of a perimeter frame composed of mega composite columns, mega braces and transfer trusses and reinforced concrete core containing composite steel plate wall is adopted. Complemented by some of the new requirements from the latest Chinese building seismic design codes, design of the super high-rise building in high-intensity seismic area exhibits a number of new features and solutions to professional requirements in response spectrum selection, overall stiffness control, material and component type selection, seismic performance based design, mega-column design, anti-collapse and stability analysis as well as elastic-plastic time-history analysis. Furthermore, under the prerequisite of economic viability and a series of technical requirements prescribed by the expert review panel for high-rise buildings exceeding code limits, the design manages to overcome various structural challenges and realizes the intentions of the architect and the client.