GoBean: a Java GUI application for visual exploration of GO term enrichments

Lee, Sang-Hyuk;Cha, Ji-Young;Kim, Hyeon-Jin;Yu, Ung-Sik

  • 투고 : 2011.10.11
  • 심사 : 2011.11.03
  • 발행 : 2012.02.29


We have developed a biologist-friendly, Java GUI application (GoBean) for GO term enrichment analysis. It was designed to be a comprehensive and flexible GUI tool for GO term enrichment analysis, combining the merits of other programs and incorporating extensive graphic exploration of enrichment results. An intuitive user interface with multiple panels allows for extensive visual scrutiny of analysis results. The program includes many essential and useful features, such as enrichment analysis algorithms, multiple test correction methods, and versatile filtering of enriched GO terms for more focused analyses. A unique graphic interface reflecting the GO tree structure was devised to facilitate comparisons of multiple GO analysis results, which can provide valuable insights for biological interpretation. Additional features to enhance user convenience include built in ID conversion, evidence code-based gene-GO association filtering, set operations of gene lists and enriched GO terms, and user -provided data files. It is available at


Bioinformatics;Gene list analysis;Gene Ontology;Java GUI application


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