Status and Improvement of Curriculum in University for Picture Archiving and Communication System

의료영상저장전송시스템에 대한 대학교육과정의 현황과 개선방향

  • 성열훈 (청주대학교 방사선학과) ;
  • 이진욱 (가톨릭대학교 여의도성모병원 영상의학과)
  • Received : 2011.11.16
  • Accepted : 2012.02.07
  • Published : 2012.02.28


The purpose of the study was to present basic data of curriculum of PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) and to propose improved directions. To research clinical PACS education needs, radiological technologist who related on PACS was surveyed in 12 (55%) of capital area, 6 (27%) of middle area and 4 (18%) of southern area of Korea and for the medical institutes, 8 (36%) of over 1000 beds, 10 (45%) of 500 to 1000 beds and 4 (19%) of less 500 beds. And, to research the status of university education the survey was conducted in 6 of capital area, 6 of middle area and 6 of southern area. As a result, 95.5% of respondents in radiological technologist group thought that giving precede education for PACS and enlarging state-exam would be necessary. In university group, 78% of respondents answered that PACS was equipped and, 82% of them answered that it is very important to study PACS as major. Many universities, however, did not standardize major title and contents so a study about them needs to be followed up.


Picture Archiving and Communication in System;Curriculum;Status and Improvement


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