Design and Experiment of an Electromagnetic Vibration Exciter for the Rapping of an Electrostatic Precipitator

  • Received : 2011.12.30
  • Accepted : 2012.02.21
  • Published : 2012.03.31


The miniaturization of an electrostatic precipitator has become a key element in successfully constructing an efficient electrostatic precipitator because of the limited space allowed for installation in a subway tunnel. Therefore, the miniaturization of the rapping system of the electrostatic precipitator has also become important. This research proposes a resonant-type electromagnetic vibration exciter as a vibrating rapper for an electrostatic precipitator. The compact vibrating rapper removes collected dust from the collecting plates without direct impact on those collecting plates. To characterize the dynamic performance of the electromagnetic vibration exciter, finite element analysis was performed using a commercial electromagnetic analysis program, MAXEWLL. Moreover, we analyzed the resonant frequency of an electrostatic precipitator, to which the electromagnetic vibration exciter was applied, by ANSYS. Also, to measure the acceleration generated by the electromagnetic vibration exciter, we manufactured a prototype of the ESP and electromagnetic vibration exciter and measured its acceleration at the resonant frequency.


electromagnetic vibration exciter;vibrating rapper;electrostatic precipitator;dynamic performance analysis;vibration characteristics analysis;acceleration measurement;resonance


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