Implant Supported Overdenture using Locator$^{(R)}$ System on Mandibular Edentulous Patient

하악 무치악 환자에서 Locator$^{(R)}$를 이용한 임플란트 피개의치 수복 증례

  • Yu, Jung-Hyun (Department of Prosthodontics, College of Dentistry, Dankook University) ;
  • Shin, Soo-Yeon (Department of Prosthodontics, College of Dentistry, Dankook University)
  • 유정현 (단국대학교 치과대학 치과보철학교실) ;
  • 신수연 (단국대학교 치과대학 치과보철학교실)
  • Received : 2012.08.05
  • Accepted : 2012.12.25
  • Published : 2012.12.30


Loss of tooth results in remodeling and resorption of surrounding alveolar bone which causes atrophic edentulous ridge and gradually decreasing gingival attachment. As a result, edentulous patients face difficulty in using dentures due to pain, decrease of support, decline of masticatory efficiency of complete denture. To improve this, overdenture with implant in the mandible and attachment are considered as a treatment of choice as a favorable treatment. In this case, a patient with edentulous ridge for long period is rehabilitated by complete denture in maxilla and implant overdenture using Locator$^{(R)}$ attachment in mandible.


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