An Analysis of Novice Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Elementary Mathematics Teaching

초등학교 수학 수업에 나타난 초임교사의 교수학적 내용 지식 분석

  • Published : 2012.03.31


This paper analyzed the pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) presented in three novice teachers' mathematics instruction. PCK was analyzed in terms of the knowledge of mathematics content, the knowledge of students' understanding, and the knowledge of teaching methods. Teacher A executed a concept-oriented instruction with manipulative materials because she had difficulties in learning mathematics during her childhood. Teacher B attempted to implement an inquiry-centered instruction in the lesson of looking for the area of a trapezoid. Teacher C focused on the real-life connection to mathematics instruction. There were substantial differences among the teachers' PCK revealed in mathematics teaching, depending on their instructional goals. The detailed analyses of three teachers' teaching in terms of their PCK will give rise to the issues and suggestions of professional development for beginning elementary school teachers in mathematics teaching.