Investigation on the Content Development and Promotional Strategy to Vitalize the Korean Science Channel

국내 과학전문채널 활성화를 위한 콘텐츠 개발 및 홍보전략 연구

  • Received : 2012.04.23
  • Accepted : 2012.05.10
  • Published : 2012.05.28


This paper is based on the perspective that the YTN Science, a science channel in Korea which plays a key role in the popularization of science, is suffering from low viewing ratings, insufficient content, and shortage of production. First, this study employs an exploratory method to identify current status of programming and operation of the Korean science channel along with its promotional strategy. Second, it aims to conduct an analysis on the science channels, specifically some major programs, of other nations including the U.S. (Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel), United Kingdom (BBC Knowledge), Japan (Science Channel), and China (CCTV 10), seeking the possibility to apply and combine them afterward to the Korean TV channels specialized in science. A number of implications are derived from our diagnosis of present situation and analysis of abroad cases, and this helps us suggest the content development and promotional strategies as follows: First, due to the rising need for change in the programming strategy to enhance the value of the content, it is required to rearrange the programming in terms of the target audience and the viewer lifestyle, adopt a new strategy for building up the viewers' watching habit through 'stripping', and place strategic programs in prime-time. Second, as for the specific schemes of content production and application, it is recommended to establish a dual strategy in creating the content (one for conveying knowledge, the other for delivering fun), plan and use a representative character of the program, select scientific and technological topics with more Korean backgrounds, attempt strategic ties with SNS, deepen and diversify the material for programs, and implement a strategy to boost the OSMU. Finally, with regard to the promotional strategy, a constructive proposal may include raising channel awareness through science-related events and live broadcasting, performing promotional strategies by way of expanding to printed media like magazine and book publications, and intensifying online and mobile promotional strategy.


Science Channel;YTN Science;Scientific Content


Supported by : 한국연구재단


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