Exponentially Fitted Error Correction Methods for Solving Initial Value Problems

Kim, Sang-Dong;Kim, Phil-Su

  • Received : 2012.03.05
  • Accepted : 2012.06.22
  • Published : 2012.06.23


In this article, we propose exponentially fitted error correction methods(EECM) which originate from the error correction methods recently developed by the authors (see [10, 11] for examples) for solving nonlinear stiff initial value problems. We reduce the computational cost of the error correction method by making a local approximation of exponential type. This exponential local approximation yields an EECM that is exponentially fitted, A-stable and L-stable, independent of the approximation scheme for the error correction. In particular, the classical explicit Runge-Kutta method for the error correction not only saves the computational cost that the error correction method requires but also gives the same convergence order as the error correction method does. Numerical evidence is provided to support the theoretical results.


Exponentially fitted;Error correction;Stiff initial-value problem;RK methods


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Supported by : National Research Foundation of Korea(NRF)