Jeju Type of Crime Analysis and the Strategic Direction of the Corresponding

제주지역 범죄발생 유형 분석 및 전략적 대응 방향

  • Received : 2012.05.23
  • Accepted : 2012.06.18
  • Published : 2012.07.28


It is the fact that crime has always co-existed with human history;that preventive measures have always been taken while it has been transformed and developed in some forms. We, in the meantime;should not be negligent in the matter that our preventive measures are rather short sighted, and non strategic in many ways. Now then, would we be able to question, if our modern crime preventive measures have been modernized and become more strategic? Certain point has been raised to myself;especially regarding (community oriented policing cop); this has been one of the strategic crime preventive measures co-performed by the central police;Jeju-special independent province maybe an appropriate example; which has become special self rule province in July, 2007; establishing not only independant police but also have established police station addition to already existing police stations. To proof my opinion; I have tried to compare and contrast the statistics of the crime rates and types of the Jeju area before and after the establishment of the self police and police station; also to see how patterns changed.(if there has been any.) I have also tried to analyse if there is any special type of crime statistics in Jeju province, by analysing current crimes in accordance to populations. Altough it has not much reached my initial expectations, I hope it still is meaningful to have been able to show some ways to prevent crimes in Jeju-strategically.


Strategic Crime Prevention;Types of Crime Analysis in Jeju


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