The effect of muscle activity wristbands with mouse using

컴퓨터 마우스 보조기구 사용이 근활성도에 미치는 영향

  • Lee, Tae-Sik (Department of Physical Therapy, Dong-eui Institute of Technology) ;
  • Song, Min-Young (Department of Physical Therapy, Dong-eui Institute of Technology) ;
  • Chea, Il-Jun (Department of Physical Therapy, Dong-eui Institute of Technology)
  • 이태식 (동의과학대학교 물리치료과) ;
  • 송민영 (동의과학대학교 물리치료과) ;
  • 채일준 (동의과학대학교 물리치료과)
  • Received : 2012.03.02
  • Accepted : 2012.03.29
  • Published : 2012.03.31


Purpose : This study is to know the effect on muscle activity when people use mouse aid or not in computer working environment. Method : 11 people of both sex in their twentieth were tested. As a independent variable, the condition without mouse aid and the condition with movable mouse aid were selected, and as a dependent variable, MVC(%) on four muscles and inconvenience degree(RPE scale) on three body part(wrist, forearm, shoulder) were measured. Result : Analyzing the research, MVC(%) of extensor muscle of finger had notably higher muscle activity than other muscles, and there wasn't notable difference in muscle activity before and after using mouse aid. In case of using mouse aid, we tested by giving RPE questionnaire which segmentalized mental fatigue degree into hand, forearm, and shoulder, and resultingly, there wasn't notable differences perspectively. However, people felt less tiredness subjectively after they use the mouse aid. Conclusion : The usage of mouse aid seems to give comfort to computer users.