Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Xanthium sibiricum

창이자의 항산화 활성 및 항균효과

  • Shin, Sun-Woo (Department of Herbal Resources, Professional Graduate School of Oriental Medicine, Wonkwang University) ;
  • Lee, Jeong-Ho (Department of Natural Health Management, Songho College) ;
  • Soo, Bang-Keuk (Department of Chinese Medicine Resource, Chonbuk National University)
  • 신선우 (원광대학교 한의학전문대학원 한약자원개발학과) ;
  • 이정호 (송호대학교 동의건강복지과) ;
  • 방극수 (전북대학교 환경생명자원대학 한약자원학과)
  • Received : 2010.07.23
  • Accepted : 2012.06.04
  • Published : 2012.08.29


Xanthium sibiricum using extracts antioxidant activity and antimicrobial activity were analyzed and the following results were obtained. Antioxidant activity using DPPH as a VLC column fractionation experiments XS-5 (water fraction of Xanthium sibiricum) concentration in the 500 ${\mu}g/ml$ to 87.53 percent in the highest antioxidant activity was found, VLC fractionation in XS-3-2 (eluted with chloroform/methanol 7~10%) concentration of 500 ${\mu}g/ml$, showed the antioxidant activity of 78.72%. The antioxidant activity measured by PCL XS-1 (n-hexane fraction of Xanthium sibiricum) XS-5 (water fraction of Xanthium sibiricum) and 13.32 nmol open column XS-3-2 (eluted with chloroform/methanol 7~10%) showed antioxidant activity with 14.34 nmol. The antimicrobial activity against Candida albicans XS-2 (methlene chloride fraction fo Xanthium sibiricum) is the concentration of 500 ${\mu}g$/disc 1 mm of the clean zone was formed. XS-3 (ethanol fraction fo Xanthium sibiricum) in the antioxidant activity using DPPH and PCL had higher antibacterial activity was low.


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