Improved LCCT Z-Source DC-AC Inverter for Ripple Reduction of Input Current and Capacitor Voltage

입력전류와 커패시터 전압의 맥동저감을 위한 개선된 LCCT Z-소스 DC-AC 인버터

  • Received : 2012.05.11
  • Accepted : 2012.09.17
  • Published : 2012.10.01


In this study, an improved LCCT(Inductor-Capacitor-Capacitor-Trans) Z-source inverter(Improved LCCT ZSI) with characteristics of Quasi Z-source inverter(QZSI) and LCCT Z-source inverter(LCCT ZSI) is proposed. The proposed inverter can also reduce the voltage stress and input current/capacitor voltage ripples compared with conventional LCCT ZSI and Quasi ZSI. A two winding trans in Z-impedance network of the conventional LCCT ZSI is replaced by a three winding trans in the proposed inverter. To verify the validity of the proposed inverter, a DSP controlled hardware was made and PSIM simulation was executed for each method. Comparing the current and voltage ripples of each method under the condition of input DC voltage 70[V] and output AC voltage 76[Vrms], the input current and capacitor voltage ripple factors of the proposed inverter were low as 11[%] and 1.4[%] respectively. And, for generation of the same output AC voltage of each method, voltage stress of the proposed inverter was low as 175[V] under the condition of duty ratio D=0.15. As mentioned above, we could know that the proposed inverter have the characteristics of low voltage stress, low ripple factor and low operation duty ratio compared with the conventional methods. Finally, the efficiency according to load change/duty ratio and the transient state characteristics were discussed.


Improved LCCT Z-source inverter;Input current ripple;Capacitor voltage ripple;Ripple reduction;Ripple factor;Voltage stress;Shoot through duty ratio;Efficiency


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