Design of Variable Power Distributor and Waveguide Connecting Structure for Wireless Microwave Power Transmission in a Building

실내 마이크로파 배전 전송계를 위한 가변전력분배기와 도파관의 결합구조 설계

  • 최영규 (신라대 공대 전자공학과)
  • Received : 2012.04.27
  • Accepted : 2012.09.20
  • Published : 2012.10.01


This paper deals with a new variable microwave power distributor and a connector between a deck plate and a input power waveguide for indoor microwave wireless power transmission. We design a new type connector built in the 3-stage coaxial line structure, and calculate the return loss of the connector at 2.45GHz. Newly designed connector shows the excellent return loss performance less than -30dB at the operating frequency of 2.45GHz. And we show a power distributor in which the dividing ratio of the power is controlled mechanically by three rotary fins. The distributor can control the dividing power from 4.5% to 58% with the variance of 5% output power. The experimentally tested results of the distributor are good agreement with the simulation within the return loss of 1%.


Microwave power;Indoor wireless transmission;Distributor;Waveguide connector


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