Characteristic of Mass Transfer Volumetric Coefficient and Sauter Mean Diameter in a Liquid-Liquid Agitated Vessel

액-액 교반조내에서의 물질이동용량계수 및 액적경의 특성

  • Lee, Young-Sei (School of Nano & Materials Science and Engineering, Kyungpook National University)
  • 이영세 (경북대학교 나노소재공학부)
  • Received : 2012.06.28
  • Accepted : 2012.07.29
  • Published : 2012.10.01


Grasp of characteristics within liquid-liquid agitated vessel are very important to environment and chemical industry. Mass transfer volumetric coefficient and the Sauter mean diameter of near the droplet were measured by varying the impeller position and liquid height using the alkaline hydrolysis reaction of esters. As a result, following their good correlation was obtained. $$d_{32}=0.270\(\frac{{\sigma}^{0.6}}{{\rho}^{0.2}P^{0.4}_{Vi}}\)k_La=0.49\(\frac{6{\phi}D_A}{d^2_{32}}\)\(\frac{P_Vd^4_{32}}{{\rho}v^3}\)^{0.193}Sc^{1/3}$$.


Supported by : 경북대학교


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