Research about Similarities in Interior Space of Rem Koolhaas and Painting Theory of Gilles Deleuze

렘 콜하스의 실내공간과 질 들뢰즈 회화론의 유사점 연구

  • 김석영 (서일대학교 실내디자인과)
  • Received : 2012.09.03
  • Accepted : 2012.10.11
  • Published : 2012.10.28


Recently, significant tries appeared in the spatial design field were appreciated as tries to find crossing between space formation and discourse. This study is to find spatial clues from Gilles Deleuze, the modern philosopher's literature where he developed his discourse analyzing paintings of Francis Bacon, and reveal common characteristics with the contemporary spatial design. According to the analysis of Deleuze, Bacon's paintings are separated into frame-aplat, shape-figure, and contour-track. From these three elements, I extracted spatially analyzing languages of 'occurrence of shape-accident', 'space of track-sense', and 'interaction of aplat-background.' Then with these analyzing languages, I analyzed latest works of Rem Koolhaas. Deleuze Space Theory confirmed in works of Rem Koolhaas is the application of accident-focused occurred between the user and space, the space that induces accident, and differentiation between the user and space or space and site. As a result, I could confirm the common characteristic that both modern discourse and spatial design are understood as 'difference' from life and movement.


Rem Koolhaas;Gilles Deleuze;Francis bacon;Contemporary Spatial Design


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