Study for Synthetic Oil Performance Test Comparing with Mineral Gear oil in an Agitator Gear Box:Power consumption, Temperature, Oil & parts life for the Heavy load gear box in the Phosphoric Acid Plant

뉴스초점 - 광유와 합성유의 에너지 소비량, 온도변화 등의 성능시험 비교 고찰

  • Published : 2012.11.16


Namhae chemical is one of the largest fertilizer manufacturing company in Korea which company has operating 4 unit agitator gear boxes and producing variety kinds of fertilizer production. The gearbox operating temperature of agitator is approximated in $55^{\circ}C{\sim}90^{\circ}C$ and required to keep operating continuous without stopping. The system required high performance oil and longer oil drain interval as limited workforce in maintenance team. It was lubricated by mineral gear oil of ISO VG 320 and also need to change to new oil frequently. Namhae Chemical would expect to keep stable operating condition without shut down and consider, lower cost of operation and equipment protection.