Performance of Chlorella vulgaris for the Removal of Ammonia-Nitrogen from Wastewater

Choi, Hee-Jeong;Lee, Seung-Mok

  • 투고 : 2012.12.11
  • 심사 : 2013.07.13
  • 발행 : 2013.12.30


In the present investigation, the efficiency of Chlorella vulgaris (C. vulgaris) was evaluated for the removal of ammonia-nitrogen from wastewater. Eight different wastewater samples were prepared with varied amounts of $NH_4-N$ concentrations from 15.22 to 205.29 mg/L. Experiments were conducted at pH $7.5{\pm}0.3$, temperature $25^{\circ}C{\pm}1^{\circ}C$, light intensity $100{\mu}E/m^2/s$, and dark-light cycles of 8-16 hr continuously for 8 days. From the results, it was found that $NH_4-N$ was completely removed by C. vulgaris, when the initial concentration was between 5.22-25.24 mg/L. However, only 50% removal was obtained when the $NH_4-N$ concentration was 85.52 mg/L, which further decreased to less than 32% when the $NH_4-N$ concentration exceeded 105.43 mg/L. The further influence of nitrogen on chlorophyll was studied by various $NH_4-N$ concentrations. The maximal value of chlorophyll a (Chl a) content was found to be 19.21 mg/L for 65.79 mg/L $NH_4-N$ concentration, and the maximum specific $NH_4-N$ removal rate of 1.79 mg/mg Chl a/day was recorded at an $NH_4-N$ concentration of 85.52 mg/L. These findings demonstrate that C. vulgaris could potentially be employed for the removal of $NH_4-N$ from wastewater.


Chlorella vulgaris;Microalgae;$NH_4-N$ removal;Wastewater treatment


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