Result Analysis of Sea Trial Test for Offshore Fishing Boat Attached FRP Rudder

FRP 복합재료 방향타 장착 근해어선의 해상시운전시험 결과분석

  • Received : 2013.09.17
  • Accepted : 2013.12.18
  • Published : 2013.12.31


This paper reports the results of a comparative study on rudder performance between the steel rudders that have been used in coastal angling fishing boats in the 20-GT class and the newly developed FRP composite material rudders. In order to compare the rudder performances of these two types, a sea trial test was carried out to investigate the speed performance, fuel consumption, and ship's turning ability. The results showed that the sea trial performance of the FRP composite rudder was better than that of the steel rudder type in terms of the sea speed, fuel consumption rate, and turning ability.


FRP;Composite material;Rudder;Offshore fishing boat;Sea trial test


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