A Study on Mechanical, Electrical Properties of Epoxy/MICA Composites with MICA Filled Contents

Epoxy/MICA 복합체의 MICA 충진함량 변화에 대한 기계적, 전기적 특성연구

  • Park, Jae-Jun (Dept. of Electrical Electronic Engineering, Joongbu University)
  • 박재준 (중부대학교 전기전자공학과)
  • Received : 2012.12.29
  • Accepted : 2013.01.24
  • Published : 2013.02.01


This paper reported a study on the thermal, mechanical and electrical insulation properties of epoxy/mica composites. To investigate the effect of mica content, glass transition temperature, mechanical properties such as tensile and flexural strength, and insulation breakdown properties for epoxy composites with various contents of mica. The effect of insulation thickness on insulation breakdown property was also studied. It was observed that tensile and flexural strength decreased with increasing mica content, while elastic modulus increased as the mica content increased. AC insulation breakdown strength for all epoxy/mica composites was higher than that of neat epoxy and that of the system with 20 wt% mica was 14.4% improved. As was expected, insulation breakdown strength at $30^{\circ}C$ was far higher than that at $130^{\circ}C$, and it was also found that insulation breakdown strength was inversely proportion to insulation thickness.


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