Two Clinical Cases of Active Release Technique with Oriental Medicine Treatments for Sequlae of Tibial Plateau Fracture

경골 고평부 골절 후유증에 능동이완기법을 병행한 한방치료 호전 2예

  • Published : 2013.07.31


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of active release technique on sequelae of tibial plateau fracture. Two patients with sequelae of tibial plateau fracture were treated with active release technique. Visual analog scale (VAS), Lysholm knee scoring scale, range of motion were used to measure changes during treatment. After treatment, visual analog scale, Lysholm knee scoring scale, range of motion were improved significantly. Active release technique showed significant improvement to the sequlae of tibial plateau fracture that were showing no signs of improvement for twelve and eighteen weeks. This clinical trial showed that active release technique has meaningful effect on sequlae of tibial plateau fracture and more research should be followed.


Tibial plateau fracture;Active release technique;Lysholm knee scoring scale


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