Effect of Kyejakjimo-tangkami (Guishaozhimu-tangjiawei) on Osteoarthritis

계작지모양가미방(桂芍知母湯加味方)이 골관절염에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2013.10.31


Objectives The purpose of this study is to prove the effect of Kyejakjimotangkami(KMK) on osteoarthritis. Methods We checked antioxidant activity and measured production of $IL-1{\beta}$, IL-6, TNF-${\alpha}$ in RAW 264.7 cell after treat by KMK. Then we measured hind paw weight of Wister Rat with arthritis induced by MIA after KMK oral administration, checked Prostaglandin E2, IL-$1{\beta}$, IL-6, TNF-${\alpha}$, Osteocalcin, TIMP-1, MMP-9, LTB-4 in serum, ran histopathological test and ${\mu}CT$-arthrography. Results 1. DPPH radical Scavenging was increased depend on concentration of KMK ethanol extract in RAW 264.7 cell. 2. Production of NO was significantly decreased by KMK ethanol extract on concentration of $200{\mu}g/ml$ in RAW 264.7 cell. 3. Production of IL-$1{\beta}$ was significantly decreased by KMK ethanol extract on concentration of $200{\mu}g/ml$. And Production of IL-6, TNF-${\alpha}$ were significantly decreased KMK ethanol extract of every concentration in RAW 264.7 cell. 4. Result of checking hind paw weight when administered KMK ethanol extract to Wister Rat with arthritis induced by MIA was significantly higher than control group and similar to normal group. 5. Production of Prostaglandin E2, IL-$1{\beta}$, Osteocalcin, TIMP-1, MMP-9 and LTB-4 in serum was significantly decreased by KMK ethanol extract after administerd to Wister Rat with arthritis induced by MIA. 6. In Hematoxylin & Eosin staining and Safranin-O staining, we could find inflammation of synovial cell, infiltration of macrophage and granulocyte and degeneration of cartilage and bone were decreased in comparison with control group. 7. When checked cartilage volume to examine degree of cartilage degeneration using ${\mu}CT$-arthrography, volume of cartilage was increased in comparison with control group. Conclusions Comparison of the results for this study showed that KMK ethanol extract have anti-inflammatory effectiveness and can protect cartilage and bone. So we expect that KMK can be used as a effective drugs for osteoarthritis.


Kyejakjimotang (KMK);Osteoarthritis;Cytokine;MIA induced arthritis;Cartilage


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