A Review of Studies Comparing of Surface Electromyography Values between the Low-back Pain Group and Healthy Controls

요통환자군과 정상대조군 사이의 표면근전도값 비교에 관한 연구문헌 고찰

  • Published : 2013.10.31


Objectives To present reviews of studies comparing surface-electromyography (SEMG) values between low back pain group and control group. Methods We searched 8 databases including KoreaMed, Google, KISS (Korean studies Information Service System), RISS (Research Information Sharing Service), OASIS (Oriental medicine Advanced Searching Integrated System), Pubmed, Ovid-MEDLINE and EMBASE. After searching, we conducted study selection by using inclusion and exclusion criteria and quality-assessment. We reviewed the selected studies concerning about the subject's measuring position, findings, sensitivities and specificities. Results 27 Studies were searched and reviewed. In static surface electromyography, more muscle activities observed in low back pain subjects than in controls. In dynamic surface electromyography, the low back pain subjects showed more muscle activites during flexion, while the control group showed more muscle activities during extension. Faster muscle fatigue observed in isometric muscle analysis. Conclusions Surface electromyography values will be able to be objective marker for evaluating low back pain. Further research is needed to determine additional unified protocol such as the type of SEMG and its directions.


Low back pain;Surface electromyography;Muscle


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