A Study on Detection Improvement Technique of Black Hole Node in Ad Hoc Network

Ad Hoc Network에서 블랙 홀 노드 탐지 향상 기법에 관한 연구

  • 양환석 (중부대학교 정보보호학과) ;
  • 유승재 (중부대학교 정보보호학과)
  • Received : 2013.11.29
  • Accepted : 2013.12.11
  • Published : 2013.12.30


Mobile node must move optionally and perform the router and the host functions at the same time. These characteristics of nodes have become a potential threatening element of a variety of attacks. In particular, a black hole which malicious node causes packet loss among them is one of the most important issues. In this paper, we propose distributed detection technique using monitoring tables in all node and cooperative detection technique based cluster for an efficient detection of black hole attack. The proposed technique performs by dividing into local detection and cooperative detection process which is composed of process of step 4 in order to improve the accuracy of the attack detection. Cluster head uses a black hole list to cooperative detection. The performance of the proposed technique was evaluated using ns-2 simulator and its excellent performance could be confirmed in the experiment result.


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