Investigation on ecological habitats in Armillaria gallica mushrooms

천마버섯(Armillaria gallica )의 생태학적 서식지 조사

  • Published : 2013.03.31


Armillaria gallica was ecologically surveyed to investigate its relationship with Gastrodia elata in cultivation areas of Korea in 2012. In the observation made around October 17 in the area of Namyangju (Gyeonggi), Sangju (Gyeongbuk) and Gimcheon (Gyeongbuk) in Korea, the fruit bodies of A. gallica were consistently found near the cultivation areas of Gastrodia elata across these cultivation areas. Since the temperature and rainfall have been considered as important factors of fruiting of A. gallica, we checked the temperature and rainfall around two weeks ago of mushroom fruiting. The average temperature of all cultivation areas was $9.9{\sim}17.5^{\circ}C$ (the lowest temp.: $3{\sim}23^{\circ}C$, the highest temp.: $15{\sim}26^{\circ}C$) and the annual rainfall was 0.5~1.0mm on October 10 which can be compared to 2.5~4.5mm on October 17. Fruiting bodies were generally developed at weedy field in which G. elata were cultivated five years ago. The field was inclined 15 degrees, east-facing and consists of loam. The fruit bodies were formed on both sides of a small ditch between the Gastrodia elata cultivation fields and neighboring fields, and the areas were common weeds and moisture at all times. The fruiting bodies were growing above the soil rather than oak wood. Gregarious, but also occurs to 1-5 fruiting bodies occur sporadically. Results observed in detail the growing areas, some fruit bodies were developed along the black and thick rhizomorph formation.


Armillaria gallica mushrooms;ecological habitats;rhizomorph formation;Gastrodia elata


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