Correlation and Effects between Benefits of Pursuing Clothes and Attitude & Satisfaction Towards Wearing School Uniforms of Middle and High School Students

중.고등학교 학생의 의복추구혜택과 교복착용 태도의 관계 및 교복착용 태도가 교복 만족도에 미치는 영향

  • Received : 2013.09.23
  • Accepted : 2013.12.29
  • Published : 2013.12.31


This study is aimed to find correlation between benefits of pursuing clothes and the attitude towards wearing school uniform, as well as the effects that wearing attitude has on the satisfaction. This research is carried out by investigating and researching into middle and high school students around capital regions in the hopes of enhancing their satisfaction to their uniforms and their desire for self-expression, resulting in a positive notion to uniforms being settled in among the students. In the regards of benefits of pursuing clothes, female students are highly pursuing individual characteristics, aesthetics, and economy all depending on the demographic factors. It is notable that students in Seoul are pursuing those elements more strongly than those in Gyeonggi-do. As for the attitude towards wearing school uniforms, the safety weighs a lot among female students. Meanwhile, those in Gyeonggi-do were more inclined to economy as they prefer wearing uniform more often than not. Students who are pursuing individual characteristics and aesthetics are less likely to pursue economy, whereas those who are pursuing practicality are pursuing better economy. Those in favor of economy, meanwhile, are pursuing aesthetics, safety, as well as economy. When it comes to the attitude towards wearing school uniforms, the result showed that it is more likely for those who are considering aesthetics, safety, and economy to be satisfied with the aesthetics, practicality, and the convenience aspects of school uniforms.