Corrosion Resistance Characteristics of Cold Rolled Steel by Cr-free Green Organic/Inorganic Hybrid Coating Solution

크롬 프리 친환경 유/무기 하이브리드 코팅액에 의한 냉연강판의 내식특성

  • Received : 2013.03.06
  • Accepted : 2013.04.19
  • Published : 2013.04.30


In the past, a very popular method for reducing the corrosion on zinc involved the use of chemical conversion layer coatings based on $Cr^{+6}$. However, there is an important problem with using chromium salts as a result of restrictive environmental protection legislation. This study investigated the optimum condition for galvanized steel using an organic/inorganic solution with a Ti composition. In the case of a fixed heat treatment time, the corrosion resistance values of LR-0727(1) and LR-0727(2) were improved as the heat treatment temperature increased, and the optimum minimum temperature decreased with the heat treatment time. At the optimum heat treatment condition of two coating solutions, the heat treatment time of the LR-0727(1) solution was shorter than LR-0727(2) for the same heat treatment temperature. LR-0727(1) coated specimens did not show desquamation, and all of the specimens showed a good adhesive property. In contrast, in the case of the LR-0727(2) coated specimens, desquamation arose. Therefore, the adhesive property of LR-0727(1) was superior to that of LR-0727(2). The pencil hardness had a 3H average for all of the coating solutions and heat treatment conditions. In the case of a corrosion resistance test with boiling water, the coated specimens of LR-0727(1) were discolored, but LR-0727(2) was not. Finally, LR-0727(1) was more moisture proof than LR-0727(2).


Organic/inorganic hybride solution;Corrosion resistance;Heat treatment time and temperature


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