Analysis of a Repair Processes Using a Process Mining Tool

프로세스 마이닝 기법을 활용한 고장 수리 프로세스 분석

  • 최상현 (충북대학교 경영정보학과) ;
  • 한관희 (경상대학교 산업시스템공학부.공학연구원) ;
  • 임건훈 (경상대학교 산업시스템공학부.공학연구원)
  • Received : 2013.02.14
  • Accepted : 2013.03.04
  • Published : 2013.04.28


Recently, studies about process mining for creating and analyzing business process models from log data have received much attention from BPM (Business Process Management) researchers. Process mining is a kind of method that extracts meaningful information and hidden rules from the event log of enterprise information systems such as ERP and BPM. In this paper, repair processes of electronic devices are analyzed using ProM which is a process mining tool. And based on the analysis of repair processes, the method for finding major failure patterns is proposed by multi-dimensional data analysis beyond simple statistics. By using the proposed method, the reliability of electronic device can be increased by providing the identified failure patterns to design team.


Process Mining;Repair Process;Business Process;Pattern Analysis


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