A Study on Using the Interior Finishing Material using Regulation at Multiple-using Businesses

다중이용업소 실내마감재료 사용기준에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2013.08.27
  • Accepted : 2013.10.11
  • Published : 2013.10.31


There are the relevant provisions that apply to building regulations about the Building codes, Fire Protection laws, and more Multi-using interior finish materials businesses etc. The differences between these regulations are as follows: The Building codes is defined the main use of the building according to facilities to used to set the scale by the use of the floor space, On the other hand, Fire Protection laws are the basic purpose and the act of using the architectural space(or sales) by separating object by fire. And Multiple-using Businesses Facilities consist of two regulations engaged in the kind of law and the size of the floor area. One building can not be based on operating facilities and together in Multiple use businesses Law. As such, the Buildings are applied to the Building codes, Fire Protection laws, such as Multi-using Businesses Facilities interior construction industry due to the structural differences in the position of the designer feeling a lot of difficulties and confusion. The Multi-use businesses Facilities engage in the kind of law, the size of the floor area and seating capacity. These can not be based on operating facilities, and consists of two regulations together in one building. This study is purposed to help improving the finish of the interior architecture that is related to the Building code regulations, Fire Protection laws, Multi-using Facilities interior finishing material relevant with the provisions from the law through analyze the case of developed countries, and the current Multiple use Businesses Facilities research range from the law of multiple-using facilities, interior finishing, interior architecture for supervision reasonably and compensation for the interior design. So, Result is as follows: First, interior decorations can be separated the fixed material and the moveable things. second, It should be included multi-using Business though small size business space at the basement floor. third, It should be established statute law that design and construction responsibility. forth, re-testing fire resist performance after some period. and finally, it need to mitigate regulation where be installed sprinkler.


Interior Architecture-related Laws;Multiple-using Businesses;Interior Finishing Materials;Material Using Regulation