The Plan for Apartment Unit containing the Space Organization, Residential Space and Housing Design Elements of Han-Ok

한옥의 공간구성과 주거공간 및 주택의장요소를 담은 아파트 단위세대 계획안

  • Received : 2013.08.28
  • Accepted : 2013.10.11
  • Published : 2013.10.31


This study focuses on the fact that the Korean traditional design application appears as one of the trends for a planning technique to express an apartment as a healthy, clean and environment-friendly dwelling recently. Focusing on this, this study tries to apply the characteristic of Han-Ok to an apartment unit plan more compositively beyond the fragmentary design application of existing preceding researches. To do this, the space organization, residential space and housing design elements of Han-Ok are deducted through preceding researches and case studies and proposes a plan by applying this to the apartment plan with a floor plan of about $132m^2$(40 pyeong). The apartment unit plan containing the characteristic of Han-Ok proposed in this study is planned based on the floor plan of about $132m^2$(40 pyeong) which is distributed the most in the city of Seoul. It has an advantage in terms that it can be individually applied not only when a construction firm progresses business anew carrying the banner for a Korean-style apartment but also an existing residents can apply through remodelling. Meanwhile, it has a limit that the diversified space sense and the advantage of an airy Han-Ok cannot be applied to many parts of the design due to the characteristic of an apartment of diverse height change. If a measure to secure constructability and economic feasibility while reflecting diverse differences of floor-level of an apartment can be prepared in follow-up researches, much more various advantages of Han-Ok can be put into the apartment design.


Han-Ok;Apartment;Spacial Organization;Residential Space;Housing Design Elements

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