Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials in the Journal of Oriental Rehabilitation Medicine : A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis(1)

한방재활의학과학회지에 수록된 무작위대조임상연구의 양적, 질적 분석(1)

  • Published : 2013.01.31


Objectives : The aim of this study is to assess the quantity and quality of randomized controlled clinical trials(RCTs) published in the journal of oriental rehabilitation medicine(JORM). Methods : After searching RCTs from all the articles published in the JORM from the inception(1991) to Oct, 2012, quantity assessment were made on the study design, sample size, main intervention, intervention versus control design and medical condition. Quality assessment were made on the cochrane risk of bias(RoB) check list. Assessment was performed by 2 independent reviewers and disagreement was discussed based on concensus of all authors. Results : Among the 1013 articles, total 59 RCTs were published. First RCT was published in 1994. 49 RCTs were parallel 2-arm designed. Average sample size was 35.1 per study and 16.3 per arm. The most common medical condition is musculoskeletal disease(30.5%). Quality from cochrane RoB was generally low. Conclusions : Though RCTs published in JORM were increasing, the quality remains low. Researchers should make a effort to follow the RoB checklists and improve the quantity and quality of studies.


Evidence based medicine;Randomized controlled clinical trials;Risk of bias;Journal of oriental rehabilitation medicine;Quality assessment


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