Effect of Coffee Enema among Detoxification Therapy on Atherosclerosis : One Clinical Case Report

해독요법 중 커피관장을 적용한 죽상경화증의 치험 1례

  • Published : 2013.04.30


This study was performed to report the effect of coffee enema among detoxification Therapy on atherosclerosis. Russian patient was treated by coffee enema, acupuncture, herbal medicines, exercise, cupping, korean physical therapy, chuna manipulation treatment and moxibustion. The state of patient was measured by Infrared Thermography, Blood Vessel Stasis Test and Minnesota Nicotine Withdrawal Scale. After treatments, both feet temperature were increased. And index of indicating the occlusion of the lower body was improved. Also, Minnesota Nicotine Withdrawal Scale scores were improved. It means the patient was successful at non-smoking during hospitalization. These results suggests that atherosclerosis was improved. According to above results, coffee enema was effective to improve the atherosclerosis. More studies should be followed.


Atherosclerosis;Coffee enema;Detoxification


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