Effect of Aqueous Extract of Sukjiyanggeun-Tang(shudiyangjin-tang) on Functional Recovery and Expressions of Inflammatory Mediators after Sciatic Nerve Crushed Injury in Rat

숙지양근탕(熟地養筋湯) 추출물이 흰쥐 좌골신경 손상 후에 기능회복과 염증 매개 인자 발현에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2013.04.30


Objectives : Peripheral nerve injuries are commonly encountered clinical problems and often result in severe functional deficits. Sukjiyanggeun-Tang(shudiyangjin-tang), in oriental medicine, has been used to treat various musculoskeletal disorders. Methods : In the present study, the effects of aqueous extract of Sukjiyanggeun-Tang(shudiyangjin-tang) on functional recovery, severity of pain, and expressions of neurofilament, cycloxygenease-2(COX-2), inducible nitric oxide synthase(iNOS), and tumor necrosis factor-${\alpha}$(TNF-${\alpha}$) following sciatic crushed nerve injury in rats were investigated. For this study, walking tract analysis, plantar test, western blot analysis for COX-2 iNOS, and TNF-${\alpha}$, and Immunofluorescence test for neurofilament were performed. Results : In the present results, sciatic functional index(SFI) in walking tract analysis was significantly decreased following sciatic crushed nerve injury, and pain severity in plantar test was significantly increased. COX-2, iNOS and TNF-${\alpha}$ expressions were increased whereas neurofilament expression was decreased by sciatic crushed nerve injury, In contrast, treatment with Sukjiyanggeun-Tang(shudiyangjin-tang) improved SFI in walking tract analysis and suppressed the pain severity in sciatic crushed nerve injury. Sukjiyanggeun-Tang(shudiyangjin-tang) treatment also suppressed COX-2, iNOS, and TNF-${\alpha}$ expressions and enhanced the neurofilament expression in sciatic crushed nerve injury. Conclusions : In the present study, we have shown that Sukjiyanggeun-Tang(shudiyangjin-tang) is the effective therapeutic modality to ameliorate the symptoms of sciatic crushed nerve injury.


Sukjiyanggeun-Tang(shudiyangjin-tang);Sciatic nerve injury;Axonal Regeneration;Sciatic functional index;COX-2;iNOS;TNF-${\alpha}$


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