Articular Cartilage Protective Effects of Kangwhaldoche-tang(Qianghuodaozhi-tang) Aqueous Extracts on the Adjuvant-induced Rat Rheumatoid Arthritis

강활도체탕(羌活導滯湯) 물 추출물의 Adjuvant 유발 류마티스 관절염 랫트에 대한 관절연골 보호효과

  • Kwon, O-Gon ;
  • An, Hee-Duk
  • 권오곤 ;
  • 안희덕
  • Published : 2013.04.30


Objectives : This study was conducted to determine whether or not Kangwhaldoche-tang(Qianghuodaozhi-tang) (KDT) aqueous extracts can protect articular cartilage losses on the Freund's complete adjuvant(FCA)-induced rat rheumatoid arthritis. Methods : 520, 260 or 130 mg/kg of KDT were orally administered once a day for 14 days from 14 days after FCA treatments, and 15 mg/kg of dexamethasone was intraperitoneally administered as reference drug in this experiment. Changes on the body weight, knee circumferences, gross arthritis score, inflammatory tissue prostaglandin(PG) $E_2$ levels were monitored with cartilage collagen components and glucosaminoglycans(GAGs) compositions - chondroitin sulphate, heparin sulphate and hyaluronic acid in the present study. Results : As results of FCA treatment, classic rheumatoid arthritis featuring dramatic decreases of the body weights, cartilage collagen and GAGs contents with increases of the knee circumferences, gross arthritis scores and inflammatory tissue $PGE_2$ levels, were demonstrated in the present study. However, these changes from FCA - induced rheumatoid arthritis were clearly inhibited by treatment of dexamethasone and all three different dosages of KDT. Although overall anti-inflammatory effects of KDT 520 mg/kg were lowered than those of dexamethasone 15 mg/kg treated rats, KDT 520 mg/kg showed more favorable preserve effects on the cartilage GAGs and KDT 260 mg/kg treated rats showed similar preserve effects as compared with dexamethasone 15 mg/kg in this experiment. Conclusions : The present results supported that over 75 mg/kg of KDT showed favorable anti-arthritic effects on the FCA-induced arthritis mediated by suppression of $PGE_2$, representative inflammatory mediator, and may help improve rheumatoid arthritis.


Kangwhaldoche-tang(Qianghuodaozhi-tang);Adjuvant;Rheumatoid Arthritis


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