Electrochemical Evaluation of Corrosion Property of Welded Zone of Seawater Pipe by DC Shielded Metal Arc Welding with Types of Electrodes

선박 해수배관에서 용접봉의 종류에 따라 직류 아크 용접한 용접부위의 부식특성에 관한 전기화학적 평가

Lee, Sung-Yul;Lee, Kyu-Hwan;Won, Chang-Uk;Na, Shane;Yoon, Young-Gon;Lee, Myeong-Hoon;Kim, Yun-Hae;Moon, Kyung-Man;Kim, Jin-Gyeong

  • Received : 2013.04.01
  • Accepted : 2013.06.12
  • Published : 2013.06.30


The seawater pipes in the engine rooms of ships are surrounded by severely corrosive environments caused by fast flowing seawater containing chloride ions, high conductivity, etc. Therefore, it has been reported that seawater leakage often occurs at a seawater pipe because of local corrosion. In addition, the leakage area is usually welded using shielded metal arc welding with various electrodes. In this study, when seawater pipes were welded with four types of electrodes(E4311, E4301, E4313, and E4316), the difference between the corrosion resistance values in their welding zones was investigated using an electrochemical method. Although the corrosion potential of a weld metal zone welded with the E4316 electrode showed the lowest value compared to the other electrodes, its corrosion resistance exhibited the best value compared to the other electrodes. In addition, a heat affected zone welded with the E4316 electrode also appeared to have the best corrosion resistance among the electrodes. Furthermore, the corrosion resistance of the weld metal zone and heat affected zone exhibited relatively better properties than that of the base metal zone in all of the cases welded with the four types of electrodes. Furthermore, the hardness values of all the weld metal zones were higher than the base metal zone.


Corrosion potential;Galvanic cell;Welding metal;Heat affected zone;Shielded metal arc welding


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