Shade Comparative Analysis of Natural tooth Measured by Visual and Two Colorimeters(ShadeEye®,Shadepilot®)

2종 측색기와 시각을 이용한 자연치아의 색조 비교 분석

  • Received : 2012.10.04
  • Accepted : 2013.03.25
  • Published : 2013.03.30


The objectives were to evaluate the accuracy of shade selection by human visual system(VS) and 2 different colorimeters ($ShadeEye^{(R)}$(SE) and Shadepilot (SP)). Maxillary anterior teeth of 30 volunteers which had no caries or restorations were included in the study. Firstly, the accordance in shade selection by 3 dentists and 2 colorimeters was investigated. Secondly, the color of the teeth were measured by 1 observer's naked eye and 2 colorimeters under different illumination conditions (Sunny versus cloudy day). Additionally testing of inter-observer variability selected colors by 2 novice and 2 experienced dentists were compared. For comparing visual and 2 different colorimeters, SP(60%) showed significantly highest rate of accordance than the visual (23.3%) or SE (16.7%) and lowest mean ${\Delta}E$ ($2.62{\pm}0.74$ versus $3.83{\pm}1.38$;SE or $4.04{\pm}1.61$;VS)(p<0.001). If accuracy of shade selection were measured using VS, the mean ${\Delta}E$ value of cloudy day was higher than that of sunny day ($4.35{\pm}1.70$ versus $3.53{\pm}1.31$; p<0.001). There were no significant difference of the mean ${\Delta}E$ value between sunny and cloudy day in both SE and SP. Inter- observer repeatability was higher in 2 experienced group (73.3%) than novice group (36.7%). The mean ${\Delta}E$ of experienced group was lower than that of novice group ($3.60{\pm}1.47$ versus $4.70{\pm}1.67$; p<0.001). Colorimeters (SE or SP) is more accurate and more reproducible compared with human shade assessment. Using visual system may be limited by cloudy and inexperience of tester, then more experience and using colorimeters may be helpful of raising the accurate repeatability of shade selection.


Shade selection;Colorimeter;$ShadeEye-Ncc^{(R)}$;$Shadepilot^{TM}$


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