Questionnaire on Marine Safety and Vessel Traffic Services in Philippine Coastal Waters (Part 2)

Dimailig, Orlando S.;Jeong, Jae-Yong;Kim, Chol-Seong

  • Received : 2013.04.08
  • Accepted : 2013.06.25
  • Published : 2013.06.30


Part 2 of the Questionnaire Survey on Marine Safety and VTS in the Philippine Coastal Waters presents the alternatives to risk reduction, modifying the VTS, the qualification and competency of a VTS operator and effectiveness of the services and assistance rendered by VTS. This study finds that majority of respondents chose "Improved education and training of mariners" as the best alternative to risk reduction and the "Strict enforcement of ship safety regulations" as the best alternative based on the respondents' ranks last served onboard and areas of familiarity. In modifying the VTS, the areas with VTS chose to "Improve or upgrade" and for those without, is to "Implement" the system. The best VTS system is the "Port and Approaches" type and the PCG is selected to operate, maintain and supervise the system. As a VTS operator, the necessity of shipboard experience is considered "Essential" and the experiences include "Ship-handling and Communication", and "Management level" experiences. The effectiveness of the assistance and services rendered by VTS are considered "Very Important". Based on these findings, this study recommends improvement of education and training of mariners and users of the waterways including the training of VTS operators manning the VTS centers, strict enforcement of ship safety regulations along the busy and main ports of the country and installation of VTS system with the most appropriate type with the supervision of PCG.


Marine safety;Vessel traffic services;Marine risk alternatives;VTS modification;VTS operator;Philippine regions;VTS services


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